A quick introduction

Ian and Emma, edited

A perhaps slightly edited photo of Ian and me


My name is Emma, and I’m here to write a wedding blog.

A few key points:

1. The wedding is set for May 2013 (exact date still to be confirmed according, as my second uncle on my mother’s side needs to be consulted as to which of the two dates I have earmarked is more ong. For reference, they are May 18 and May 25.)

2. I have yet to start planning anything remotely useful. I made a brief stab at setting the number of tables for the reception dinner but was soon overwhelmed by the sheer number of relatives I have.

3. I have, however, set up my first appointment at a bridal boutique for…. tomorrow! Now you know what my priorities are.

4. I’m also not great at identifying key points. If there’s anything you want to know, you’ll have to comment. (Though I’m assuming that anyone who reads this will already actually know me.)

Anyway. My intentions here are to document my wedding planning process, maybe provide a few useful tips to future brides on the Google circuit and get back into writing regularly for myself.

Till the next post! May it be more interesting than this one.

Emma x


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